Monday, August 1, 2011

Upcycled T-shirt Needle Case

The front of the case.

I found an old t-shirt of my daughter's that my sister had decorated during her Swarovski period. Delaney had been regularly raiding my tool drawer in pursuit of her hew love of bookmaking. Knowing she'd be going back to school after Christmas I decided to kit her out with everything she'd been using. I found some squares of felt, some buttons, embroidery thread, bits of ribbon & scraps of fabric.

Inside the case
I layered 3 pieces of felt together.
Then I made a pocket on the top from the sleeve of the t-shirt and filled it with embroidery floss.
Under the purple flap is a bone folder.
The scissors are attached with ribbon and put into a pocket made from oilcloth (the points of the scissors poked through regular cloth.)
I cut a hole for the awl & embroidered around the edge so it would be stronger.
I made a little pocket out of another bit of the t-shirt with a crystal flower and tucked in a needle-threader.
I stitched a piece of ribbon down to hold safety pins.
Back of the case
At the top is the flap that holds in the bone folder.
The paisley is just a decoration.
I used buttons to strengthen the corners where the pockets are sewn on.
And the whole thing closes with a bit of elastic that catches on a button.

She loves it. It's portable, has everything she needs in one place and everything's tied down with ribbon so she doesn't misplace it.

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