Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lintilla Scarf

Finished Lintilla Scarf

finished size: 51" on straight side. 10 1/2" at widest point. 21 ruffles on long side. 14 ruffles on short side.

gauge: 21 stitches/ 24 rows in 4"

Yarn: Regia 4-Fach Haltbar, Design Line, Kaffe Fassett. Color 4259. Used 2 balls + very small amount from a third.

To get the striping I worked 2 rows at a time from two different balls (both coming from the inside of the ball.)  When I ran out of those balls I pulled from both the inside & the outside of the third ball.

Notes and pictures on my progress:

This was one of the few projects that worked smoothly right from the beginning. Usually it takes me 5 or 6 false starts to get happy with the pattern, the way I'm using the yarn etc. But this one was smooth from the beginning. I'd bought the yarn years ago. In February of 2008 I started a scarf with the intent of doing a short row scarf where I let the colors dictate where the rows would start and stop. That one didn't work at all. I loved the colors on the ball, but not as they came up on solid sections. I'm not sure if it was the length of the color repeats, or more likely, my impatience & unwillingness to stick with it and keep trying different things.

There was one instruction on the pattern I was unfamiliar with, and I didn't take the time to search for a video of how to do it. Abreviation was PW, and instruction was: Pick up the wrap and knit it together with the wrapped stitch. There are 3 different ways to do this that I could figure out. I tried them all and in the end it didn't seem to matter much - they all looked pretty much the same. 

Here's my progress:

Day 1: Finished 9 short row sections. Am loving this project. I've taken two balls of yarn, doing 2 rows of each color. Makes interesting single stripes on one side and a sort of ombred effect on the other.

Day 2: Up to 14 short row sections. Going slower now that the it's longer. Am a little worried the stripe patterns are starting to break up because of the longer rows. Am fighting temptation to rip it out & start controlling where the color starts and stops. Will work a while longer & see how it emerges naturally before I decide what to do. Therapy via knitting....

Day 4: Finished 21 short row sections. Going to start working back for the edging.
Lintilla Scarf - ready to change directions

The pattern is available on Ravlery. Visit my project page to find the link. 

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