Friday, February 15, 2008

Scarf project using sock yarn (aka failed attempt that became the Lintilla Scarf)

I fell in love with a new sock yarn at my local yarn shop, Abuelita's in South Pasadena. Great shop with really nice, helpful sales staff. Even thought there is absolutely no way I can justify another yarn purchase I couldn't help myself when i came across sock yarn designed by Kaffe Fassett for Regia. The colors are amazing - and it comes in two different styles - one that stripes &one that sort looks heather-y. I opted for the stripes in a colorway that of course has a bit of turquoise and some corral-y reddish orange. Not feeling the patience required to focus on socks I decided to try to figure out a short-row shaped scarf based on one in Not Just More Socks by Sandi Rosner. Has been a very easy translation so far - but I need to get a bit further before I decide the shape is right.

This sat around in my WIP bag forever, until I saw the Lintilla scarf pattern. Quickly frogged this piece & used the yarn. Couldn't be happier. Striping is much more effective than what I had going on here. Specifics on the project are here.

Finished Lintilla Scarf

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